Saturday, February 5, 2011

Popcorn Makes It A Party

Let's play "association"... I say a word and you say the first thing that pops* into your head. Ready? Here we go... POPCORN!

I don't know about anyone else but my first thoughts run something like this: Butter... Movies... Caramel... Ballpark... Butter... Circus... Kettle... Zoo... Butter... (you get the idea).

Popped corn, though a fairly humble snack, seems to make everything a bit of a special event, even if it's just watching DVDs from the sofa in your jammies. Taking its specialness up a notch or two (or five or twenty) are these popcorn-based snacks that may just divert all your attention from whatever movie (or ballgame) you're watching...
*Pun intended.
Special Note: In the olden days, if you dialed POP-CORN on your phone you would get a recording of a nice lady telling you the exact time. It doesn't work anymore though.
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