Food On Film

My Favorite Films Featuring Food
...because I like food, I like movies, and I like making lists. 
You may notice that some of these movies are not about food. Instead, they may simply feature food or cooking in a memorable way.
  • A Good Year... "No Max, it is your life that doesn't suit this place." 
  • A Grand Day Out... "Cheese, Grommit!"
  • A Matter Of Loaf And Death... "Light as a feather, she's the Bake-o-Lite girl."
  • A Year In Provence (mini-series)... Do yourself a favor and read the books too.
  • Babette's Feast... the one that started it all and by which all others are compared. Perfection.
  • Baby Boom... Do I love this movie? Uh, yep. Do I ever tire of it? Uh, nope.
  • Bee Movie... honey, lots and lots of honey.
  • Big Night... with a side order of spaghetti.
  • Chicken Run... the Great Escape, but with hens.
  • Chocolat... why fasting isn't for everyone. but chocolate is.
  • Christmas In Connecticut (1945)... the truth about food writers!
  • Eat Drink Man Woman... see Babette's Feast (above) and insert same comment here.
  • If You Could Only Cook... Jean Arthur makes a winning sauce.
  • Julie & Julia... it's all about the food. And the journey.
  • Last Holiday... "and can I get the beurre without the blanc?" "No substitutions!"
  • Mostly Martha (Bella Marta)... remake? what remake? why? It's wunderbar just as it is.
  • Mother... Two words. Protective ice.
  • Pieces Of April... layers of unexpected wonderfulness.
  • Ratatouille... never look at a rat the same way again.
  • Sabrina... maybe it's a stretch, but she did go to cooking school in Paris.
  • Spanglish... watch it for the sandwich.
  • State Fair... "Don't miss it, don't even be late!"
  • Stranger Than Fiction... the tax man and the baker.
  • The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit... protect your veg at all costs!
  • The Mistress Of Spices... maybe it's not a great movie, but it's beautifully filmed.
  • The Ramen Girl... feel the Force, Luke(ette).
  • Under The Tuscan Sun... remodel a Tuscan kitchen, then cook fabulous food in it.
  • Waitress... I don't think cake is even on the menu at this diner.
  • What's Cooking?... families, fighting, and food. Watch it for the food.
  • Romantics Anonymous... quirky, French, chocolately, awkward and romantic.
  • Today's Special...  old world/new world, family bonds, bridges of love, and food.
It's a fluid list and will be updated as I find new nuggets of entertainment to relish. 

What are your favorite foodie movies? You know, the ones that are so beautiful, delightful, and/or hunger inducing that you want to watch them again and again? Or maybe it's just a scene in a movie...


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