Saturday, April 25, 2020

Things are Weird… but It's Going to Be Okay

Sleepy smiling kitten not worried about a thing... on makeitbakeitbuyitfakeit
As a crafty/DIY-type of introvert with more unfinished projects than time to do them all, there are some aspects of this “Shelter-In-Place” and Social Distancing-thing that make me want to just say, “Hey, welcome to my world everybody!”

But then there are the overwhelmingly serious aspects of this situation… and then there are The Fears… The Uncertainty... The Isolation... The Horrid Media Coverage... The Stats... UGH. And while I rejoice that some restrictions may be lifting soon, the weirdness will continue for quite some time.

I don't know about you, but I need to focus on positive things to keep my mood from spiraling. Lately that's a real challenge. So, while boredom is not in my vocabulary even in the best of times, I made a list of things to work off of when I do lose focus (or start to focus on the cruddy stuff). Plus making lists calms me.

My Big Fluid List of Possible Things to Do During the Lockdown (in no particular order)

Practice my penmanship
Go for a walk in my neighborhood
Embroider something
Putter in the garden
Re-read a favorite book or two (or three...)
Make a dent in my craft supplies
Start a new art journal/work in my "altered book"
Write “morning pages”
De-clutter a closet/dresser/room
Watch movies and TV shows that make me feel good/laugh
Listen to old radio shows (online/streaming)
Mend stuff
Play board games/card games
Organize/purge my digital photos
Make music playlists (I can kill a ton of time this way)
Rearrange the furniture
Do a real Spring Clean
Make meal plans
Clean out my fountain pens
Write letters and cards to friends/family
Bake and cook (even more) stuff from scratch
Practice “belly breathing”

I've been staying off the internet/TV/social media for the majority of each day. It really only takes a few minutes to get what little important info there is (the rest of it is just a depressing rabbit hole).

The main thing right now is to take care of ourselves: mind, body, and soul. Sometimes that might mean watching cat videos all morning in pajamas and eating ice cream straight from the carton. But only sometimes.

What’s on your list? What have you been doing to keep happy and healthy lately?


Thursday, April 16, 2020

Happy Bizarre Stuck-At-Home Birthday!

My "Locked-Down" Birthday Card for Spring of 2020
Springtime is what I usually refer to as "birthday season". We have so many friends and family members with birthdays that fall in the March-April-May time frame. This year of course, things are no different. Except of course: no birthday parties, dinners, get-togethers... no birthday hugs, kisses, toasts... and certainly no blowing out of birthday candles on any birthday cake. Likely that's not going to change for a while. That means there's a whole lot of bummed out birthday boys and girls out there! So I did what any crafty person would do and made a topical birthday card, not to celebrate the situation, but to celebrate within the situation.

This is the new now kids. We're just gonna have to make the best of it and have one heckuva bash when we're past all this someday.

In the meantime. . . I wanted to make a card that basically said, “This birthday will be like no other you’ve ever had!”. I wanted it to be special and a bit playful. Hopefully it succeeded! Each one took a fair amount of time. I could’ve scanned it and printed out multiples, but I don’t have a scanner. What I do have is time (and lots of it!).

Though the design is 100% me, much of the inspiration for this timely birthday card has grown from years of crushing on the super-creative blog The Postman’s Knock. Go check it out and prepare to get inspired from all the great tutorials and ideas there: mail-art, calligraphy, watercolors, pens and inks, and more!

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted here. That's something I'll have to remedy... one more thing to add to my "lockdown to-do list"!

Have an unforgettable birthday Spring babies! This is one for the history books.