cuppa tea
This was to be a place to organize recipes I wanted to try, along with notes on those that I eventually get around to making. And a place to keep other handy stuff such as: links to favorite websites and blogs, articles to read and re-read, and reminders of great recipes that are in my favorite cookbooks
(and what pages to find them on).

It has become...
A creative outlet, personal journal, and photo project.
A place to record life as I see it, through my kitchen window.

It will also become a place to meet and dish about food, crafts, and diy.
As well as a place to blather on about life in general
with other like-minded folks I meet along the way.

To my home, my kitchen, my world. 
Kick off your shoes, I'll make us a pot of tea.

Make It Bake It Buy It Fake It
(I'm glad you're here!)


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