Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Ultimate" Chocolate Chip Cookies?

This is one of the many recipes I have had floating around the house on a piece of paper for too long (one of the reasons for starting this blog). I'm always game to try a new chocolate chip cookie recipe. Here is the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe from the 5 lb. package of Gold Medal all-purpose flour*. It's cute how the names keep trying to one-up each other: The Best, The Best-Ever, Perfect, The Greatest, The Ultimate, and so on. Where will it end? Who knows. These were pretty good... I'd even say, very good.

I still like my old standby recipe from page 260-261 (practically stuck together) of the BHG Complete Step-By-Step Cook Book (1978). Cleverly titled "Chocolate Chip Cookies" (so you don't realize how perfectly best-ever ultimate they are). Frankly, it's kinda hard to beat the Toll-House recipe on the back of the chocolate chips package when you come right down to it.

*Back before we started buying flour in the 50 lb. bag. Um, yeah... you read that right. It's $13.00 at CostCo... how can we not?
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