Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Timeless Cherry Cheesecake

When you need a simple and elegant solution for a potluck or even for your own dinner party but don't have enough time. Gather the following items:
  • 1 Frozen Cheesecake (pre-sliced if possible)
  • Pretty cake plate
  • Pretty pie server
  • 1 can Cherry Pie Filling (the goopy kind)
  • Pretty crystal or ceramic bowl
  • Pretty serving spoon
Y es, I repeatedly specified "pretty" serving pieces. That's an important part of this fake. Store-bought foods always always always look better when taken out of their original packaging. By putting the cheesecake on a pedestal with the cherries in a cut glass bowl next to it, it becomes something that is more than the sum of its parts. This really isn't a cost-cutting idea (cherry pie filling is no bargain), or even a last minute bail-out (due to the frozen-ness), it is primarily a time-saving one. It's best to buy the cheesecake the day before, so it can thaw overnight in the fridge (it's kind of hard to pull off a successful fake when the cheesecake is still frozen in the center).

Do this when you know ahead of time that you'll need a dessert and that you won't have the time to spend in the kitchen preparing one. Will everyone know that it's a fake? Certainly. But just like canned white peaches in champagne, they'll all be too busy enjoying it to care!
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