Sunday, September 20, 2009

Roasted Veg & Creamy Polenta

Notes: Made this for a potluck. Twelve people. Tripled the polenta, ended up with a little left over. Used real butter and real cream cheese. The polenta was kind of firm, not so creamy. Maybe too high of heat? Too long of cooking time? Checked other recipes after and they all call for more liquid. That's got to be it. Tasted good though. Def needed the salt to give it any flavor. Next time stir in some Parmesan or other cheese. 

The veg shrunk down quite a bit, but had plenty. Some took longer to cook than others so I made up one pan for the fast cookers and one pan for the slow. Bell peppers took the longest to cook (and were the most expensive! who knew?). Zucchini cooked the fastest. Don't cut the zucchini so thin next time. If they're small, cut in to spears instead of slices. Try sprinkling on a little balsamic at the end for more flavor.

Vegetables I used:

  • 5 sm zucchini (cut into lengthwise strips)
  • 5 slender carrots (cut in half, length and width-wise)
  • 2 sm red onions (cut into eighths)
  • 2 lg red bell peppers (cut into large strips)
  • 2 pkg mushrooms (left whole)
  • green beans (ends trimmed)
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