Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yellow, Like The Sun Above The Clouds

Best Lemon Bundt Cake
Need something to brighten up a dreary day? This is a cake to make you forget all about the soggy gray weather outside. I know, because it happened to me.

Last Sunday we had a potluck to attend and, well, due to pantry limitations, I had decided to bring either a Meyer lemon tart or a chocolate bundt cake. Approaching the decision in a typically sideways manner, I ended up making a lemon bundt.

Cook's Illustrated calls this lemon bundt cake "The Best" and I can't really disagree with them. While I always hesitate to apply that title myself (it doesn't leave any room for improving), it is after all, a lot easier than calling it The Pretty Dang Close To What I Imagine The Best Lemon Bundt Cake Would Taste Like.
  • Cook's Illustrated Best Lemon Bundt Cake (Jan 2006/pg. 25) or here at 
Notes: I used Meyer lemons from our little tree. Buttered and floured my fancy bundt pan thoroughly (I was taking no chances with this one). I used fake buttermilk*. Carefully rotated the pan at 30 minutes. The cake tested done at 45 minutes. Inverted cleanly in one piece (yea!). I made the cake on Saturday evening, wrapped it in plastic wrap and took it to the potluck on Sunday evening. It was not as heavy as a pound cake, but not as light as a chiffon. Moist dense crumb throughout. The glaze trick they suggested didn't quite deliver, but I may have made mine too thin... eh, it tasted great anyway and looked just fine.

*Fake buttermilk: a tablespoon of lemon juice or white vinegar stirred into one cup of milk and left for 5 minutes. Real buttermilk is always best if you have it, but I never seem to have it when I need it.
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  1. Hi Marta... I could go for a piece right about now too! I wonder if I've got everything to make another one?


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