Friday, June 3, 2011

Eat This Only On Days Ending In "Y"

"Unda Style" Quesadilla
Not too long ago, I decided to buy corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas, just for a change of pace. It wasn't long before I realized that I didn't really know what to do with them. They baffled me. Other than enchiladas and soft tacos, what could I do with them that didn't involve frying in a pool of oil? (I'm serious... any suggestions?)

Thankfully this recipe and method crossed my path when it did. Can I love a method? I'm pretty sure I've loved processes before, but now I'm loving a method. A simple, awesome, and very adaptable... method.

Still simple, but a lot more special
Just what is this marvelous method for? Making quesadillas (sort of). That's right, already one of the easiest things in the world to make. But these are not ordinary quesadillas... nor are they over-complicated in any way either. That's part of their beauty.

You start with an egg. You introduce it to a corn tortilla. Next thing you know, things heat up and they become attached to one another. That's when it really starts to get interesting. Go to the link below for the whole story.
I've made these so many times over the last month or so, I've lost count. Sometimes for breakfast, sometimes for lunch, possibly even made them for dinner once. Always different depending on what we have on hand. We'll be eating these year-round.

My Notes: The quesadillas in the photo above are as close to the original recipe as I could get at the time... tortilla, egg, black pepper, sea salt, a little shaved Mimolette cheese, freshly snipped herbs from the back yard, lemon zested sour cream, and fried capers*. I make these one at a time in a little #5 cast iron pan that fits the tortillas perfectly. They'll keep warm in the oven (lowest setting) until the last one's done. If we have a salad or some kind of side item with it, one each is enough, other times, we'll each have two and call it a meal.

*Hurrah! Another use for that darned jar of capers!
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