Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blackberry-Peach Porridge

What happens when you take a few minutes to wash, slice, and freeze summer fruits at their peak (or close to it)? You get to put peaches in your winter porridge. And if you heat up your favorite berry preserve with a little bit of liquid* and stir it up... you get to drizzle it over the peach porridge and taste the warmth of the summer sun on a morning so cold, you could almost see your breath inside the house. So maybe I exaggerated a bit on the temperature, but it is the coldest morning we've had so far this season. You know it's really cold when the sun has been up for three hours... and the temperature is still dropping. Time for a nice big pot of tea... excuse me while I go put the kettle on.

*A tablespoon of liquid to a quarter cup of jam. Just enough to make it syrupy. Water will do, or try orange juice, lemon or lime juice. Feeling decadent? Use Cointreau, brandy or bourbon.
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  1. Canning peaches is so much work but so worth it! I've been loving a plum sauce on my yoghurt and porridge but I didn't freeze plums. Next year.

  2. oh my, this sounds wonderful! Perfect for a cold morning!

  3. Kristin... I know I should can them! So far I've only done small batch canning. Nothing like the scale that you've done!

    Your plum sauce sounds delish. Gonna put a recipe up on your blog for that? I love plum-anything.

  4. Megan... Hello, and thanks for stopping by! It was definitely a great flavor combo. In fact, I think I'll have it again tomorrow!


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