Monday, March 29, 2010

Fennel Dust

Fennel Dust
This chicken dish was so fast, easy and elegant (not to mention quite tasty too); it's definitely going to become a regular player around here. Complex flavors from very few ingredients... and did I mention that I didn't have to run to the store for any of it? That always makes me happy.

It's pretty darned impressive for a "pantry dinner". Quick weeknight dinner for two? Check. Fancy weekend dinner party for 8? Check. Unexpected dinner guests at anytime? Check. This recipe has got it covered.

My Notes: We used boneless/skinless chicken breasts we had in the freezer and they worked just fine. Around 6 minutes per side. Pound the meat to an even thickness and it will cook even faster. We don't have a spice grinder, but we did our best... can't really call what we ended up with "fennel dust" though. Doubled the orange juice in the pan sauce. The chicken ended up a bit too salty for me, but not overwhelmingly so. Next time, will rinse the capers and use less salt. Also some fresh ground black pepper to the rub. Maybe even add a bit of orange zest to the sauce? I think substituting lemon juice and lemon zest might taste good too.

Or maybe try the same recipe using this blend... 

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