Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mayo & Mustard

I remember going over to my friend's house after school one day and there was her big sister, making mayonnaise. So detached was I from "real" food that I didn't really know what mayonnaise was made of, or (even more amazing) that you could make it yourself at home. Once we finally work our way through the big ol' jar of mayo in our fridge*, I am going to start making our mayonnaise from scratch. In the meantime, I want to make some "fancy" mustard. Hubs and I both really love all of the Sierra Nevada mustards, and a nice honey-mustard is sure good on sandwiches. Our favorite thing is to smear a flavorful mustard on the inside of a grilled-cheese sandwich. So, in the continuing interest of "make do and bloody well make it yourself", we're going to try to recreate some fabulous mustards at home.
*Waste not want not.
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