Sunday, March 8, 2009

Almost No-Knead Bread x2

Bake two loaves of Almost No-Knead Bread at the same time
I didn't plan to have two dutch ovens. A few years ago, while doing some last minute Christmas shopping (literally, I mean it was Christmas eve) I saw it. It was: just like the one my friend had, on sale, the only one left, and a happy apple-green color. I felt so lucky to have been at the right place at the right time. It came home with me of course. Two days later, some good friends gave me another one as a Christmas gift. This one was ombre-blue with straight sides. I liked them both. I kept them both. Neither of them are Le Crueset, nor did they cost anywhere near that. Both have metal knobs on the lid that handle any temperature my oven can dish out. They are fantastic. For a long time I thought it was silly of me to keep both. Our kitchen at the time was an architect's after-thought, it was so small. But I kept them and I'm glad I did. Not only are we now in a house with a wonderfully big kitchen, but then I come across someone so brilliant as to double the CIANKB* recipe. Twice the payoff without twice the work. Gotta love that.

Make double the love with this wonderful "All You Can Eat" blog post from Seattle Times food writer Nancy Leson (she's even done all the math, yea!)... 

Twice As Much Almost No-Knead Bread from the Seattle Times
My Notes: Have made this many many times now. Works great! I think Nancy is baking them one loaf at a time. With an electric oven, however, I pretty much have to bake two loaves at a time to even make bread baking worth it. So, armed with this recipe and my two dutch ovens: twice the bread with half the energy usage. Right on.

*CIANKB: Cook's Illustrated's Almost No-Knead Bread
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