Friday, January 4, 2013

Tempus... Fuhgedaboudit

Make it Bake it Buy it Fake it: The Time Is Now
Holy holly-berries, Batman! It's winter already?

Tempus Fugit! (whether you're blogging or not)... Time Flies.

I'm rather stunned that my last post was about tomatoes way back in October, and here we are wading in up to our knees in Winter. Sigh. Well, enough about that. I won't bore you with what transpired between then and now, frankly because there was no single dramatic absence-causing event at the root of it. There never is. And I guess that's probably a good thing when you come right down to it.

This break away from my blog, like most things in life, was more due to a snowballing series of little (sometimes good and sometimes bad) randomly occurring things all ganging up on me. You know, like how an avalanche starts.

Just another way of saying… Life Happens.

So, perhaps you are asking yourself, "Gee, will her next post be about daffodils in the spring? Or homemade bug spray for summer camp-outs?" The answer is, "No, it won't be that long of a wait." I won't make promises, but hey, at least (if you are a subscriber) you won't be annoyed by my posting too often, right? I don't know about you, but my inbox and my feed-reader overflow-eth with stuff to read and catch up on. It's a bit overwhelming. Time for some eClutter-clearing if you know what I mean. But maybe that can wait until next year.

O.K. Just what do you mean, it IS next year? When did THAT happen? Where have I been? Oh wait... we covered that already didn't we. Well then...

I want us all to have a Happy New Year

I don't do resolutions, but the beginning of a new year IS a good time to start something you've been putting off... something you've not had the time for... something that will nourish your soul, quench your creativity, or feed your mind. Most people have a few of those things on their back-burner. Pick one and start today. After all, there's no better time like the present... and there's no better present to yourself than the time to do something you've been putting off.

Cheers... to one and all!

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    1. Thanks Lise! Wishing you all the wonders and delights this new year can offer up!


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