Friday, May 18, 2012

Tales From A Nostalgia Trip (and some time travel tips)
I was away for a couple of weeks...  far and away...  far, far, away.  I was on a trip back in time to a place where pieces of my childhood have remained packed away and undisturbed:
...Jacks and super-balls in their little cotton drawstring bag. 

...Barbie asleep in her iconic pink wardrobe carrying case. 

...Tutus, tights, and toe shoes. 

...Cleats and shin-guards still in their duffel bag ready for the next scrimmage. 

...Prom dresses hanging in the closet as if waiting for the next dance.

...More Billy Idol posters than I even remember having.
I went through the portal—the rip in space-time that allowed me to travel back there for a little while. Time seems to have stopped after I moved away... leaving behind a closet full of who I used to be. But time doesn't ever really stop. While my childhood home may be somewhat Brigadoon-ish, my hometown had moved on. It's now bustling, over-crowded, and congested... anxious and claustrophobic. The reality of the place no longer resembles what I so fondly remember. There really is no place like home.

So, I was away... but I'm back now.
And yes, I brought some of my toys with me.

Handy tips for smooth trips
Should you find yourself doing some time traveling by air in the near future here are some tips I gleaned from my recent little adventure:

  • Dress comfortably, but not TOO comfortably. I chose a sporty jersey-knit top to wear on the plane. It's two sizes too big, but very comfy... and yes, I was indeed comfortable. The TSA screeners, however, convinced that I might be concealing something under my big top, gave me a courtesy body scan and pat down. They found that I was indeed hiding something... a muffin-top. Needless to say on the return trip, I wore a slimmer-fitting top and didn't get any special attention.
  • Don't wear random jewelry. I wasn't taking a lot of jewelry or accessories with me, so I just wore all of it instead of packing it in the carry-on: 2 necklaces, 2 bracelets, a watch, a pair of earrings, and a ring. All were sterling silver or stainless steel. On the return trip, I had added a bracelet I'd found among my younger-self's stuff... a cheap thing made of mystery-metal. It set off the metal detector and I had to remove all three bracelets and try again. No big deal, but then I had to attempt to re-clasp three chain bracelets around my wrist which is tough enough, but in public and while trying to catch a plane, awkwardness is compounded. Just say no to cheap random-metal jewelry.
  • Bring an Mp3 player. Make sure batteries are fully charged and there are enough tunes and variety to see you through long lines, delays, holding patterns, and missed buses. There is nothing like having music to soothe or reinvigorate the tired traveler. Two warnings: Don't assume that your delayed flight will stay delayed... and don't rock that Green Day album so loud that you miss the announcement that your now un-delayed flight is about to board.
  • Bring your own snacks. You know that 99¢ pack of gum you forgot to buy before your trip? They will gouge you for $2.29 for the same thing at the airport. Need a bite to tide you over? Dry scones and muffins are $3.50 each and a bottle of water (like the one you're not allowed to bring with you)... $3. In other words, think ahead and pack some snacks. They are, so far, still allowed. I brought a sandwich, a small container of potato salad, a plastic fork, an apple, and two cookies with me on my return trip. The water... well, there are water fountains available around the terminal... 
Travel on, my friends! 
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    1. Wow... I feel so ready to go somewhere now! Like joining the barbie doll to where ever she's been. The beginning of your post got me a little teary. There really is no place like home.

      1. Where Barbie goes... fun follows! That's why I brought her back with me. :)


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