Thursday, September 15, 2011

An Open Letter To My Summer Houseguests

Dearest Friends (and family),

Please accept my apology for not making this Spinach Strata from Super Natural Every Day  for you while you were here visiting.
I was remiss. It would have been the perfect thing to make for you and I dropped the ball.
My only excuse is that I didn't know how easy and delicious it was at the time. But now I do. So when you return for another visit, this is what we'll have in the morning. Unless you don't like feta cheese, in which case... more for me!

Strata-fyingly yours,

Notes: I used week-old homemade sourdough bread in this, substituted cream for the milk, used all of a 4 oz. package of Feta, Meyer lemon zest, and homemade Guinness Mustard instead of Dijon. I baked it in an 8" square glass dish for 1 hour and 5 minutes (rotating it half-way).
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  1. hmmmm...why was it you didn't make it???

  2. @SharkBait: You're right, I should've known... I've loved everything in that book!

  3. I need to get that cookbook! I have her first one and love least I can try this recipe for now until I save up for the whole cookbook. :)

  4. @Krissa: Both her cookbooks are wonderful. I checked them out from my local library and after reading (and cooking from) each, decided to buy this one. If you love her first book, you'll love this one too!


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