Thursday, July 28, 2011

Feeding Your Face

Face Food
What do you feed your face with? Do you think about what you put on your face as well as in it? About a year ago, I found the Crunchy Betty blog and I've been feeding my face (and hair) with things from the fridge, pantry, and farmer's market ever since. It turns out that healthy homemade skin care is also fun, frugal... and even a little addictive (in a good way).

Who wouldn't like to smear food on their face? Probably most adults. 
Little kids (who don't need skin care treatments) would totally get into this without even batting one of their extra long eyelashes. Boy kids, girl kids - giggling and smearing their cute little faces, then running to look in the mirror and giggling some more. Big kids (we adults) have outgrown that sort of thing. Or have we?

The first thing I tried was the Mocha-Frappucino Mask which, once I washed it off (and the giggling died down), made my skin nicely soft and even a little yummy smelling. Now, I haven't yet attempted to slather the Avocado Facial Mask on the Hubby, but the Rosemary and Lavender Hair Rinse and (more recently) the Coconut-Castile Shampoo have been hugely popular with him. So much so, that if I tell him something is "a Crunchy Betty thing", he doesn't question it or think I'm strange. Even if I have pumpkin guts on my face.

Honey... Do!
Two weeks ago, I signed up for the Crunchy Betty Honey Challenge. Every single day for the last two weeks, I've washed my face with raw unfiltered honey. That's right... the sweet sticky stuff bees make. Unpasteurized and pure. Turns out it's as effective and way more beneficial than the chemical-riddled face cleanser I used to buy at the drugstore or department store. Click on the link to read all about it, then stop reading and smear some honey on your sweet face... it's beautifully simple and it works.

MBBF News: I have found a temporary work-around to get photos onto the blog (yea!). Also, beginning with this very post that you see right here, Make it Bake it Buy it Fake it will officially start including posts about non-edible things I make that are still sort of food-related. Stay tuned!

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  1. Face or stomach - either way, your picture is drool-worthy.

  2. @simply heidi: Thank you for the nice compliment. It was a bit of a tricky pic to take!

  3. @SharkBait: Is that anything like a sticky wicket? There was some clean-up involved, but anything that could not be re-contained... became my snack :)

  4. I love Crunchy Betty too and my husband has stopped reacting when I tell him it's a CB recipe. Although I think he's still a little annoyed with me asking him to touch my face afterwards. :)

  5. @Jessica Anne: Too funny! I'm trying to get my hubby to do the honey wash now... I can't wait: "ooh, let me touch your face"! :P


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