Thursday, August 19, 2010

Famous Local Beauties

There are three pounds of Gravenstein apples* on my counter. What to do? They're just a little bit special. Gravensteins don't keep well, and they don't travel well either. What good are they then? Well, they taste absolutely lovely. Mostly sweet, a little bit tart with something almost floral hiding in there too. And they can more than hold their own when baked in a pie. When you see Gravensteins, you just buy them. Period.  It'll be another year before you see them again.

So now that I got 'em, what do I do with 'em? How to use them to their best advantage? Perhaps one of these gorgeous apple recipes I've had my eye on...
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    1. Try this recipe. It is out of this world good.

    2. Kristin: O.k. now I have to make those Cheddar Apple Bars asap! I love that there are lots of oats in it too. Thanks for the suggestion!

      The recipe called for "extra-old" cheddar cheese... I'm thinking they must mean "extra-sharp" (and not the "thing" I forgot about in the back of my fridge)? :P


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