Friday, June 11, 2010

Patio Pizza

This is the summer that I make my own pizza dough and we try grilling pizza in the great outdoors. Or more specifically, in the back yard on our Weber.

In our earliest attempts at home-pizza baking we would begin with a trip to Trader Joe's for a bag of their fresh pizza dough (it was .99 then, such a deal), and with it we would produce something that could best be described as "pizza-esque". Good as it was, we would have to take a summer break since we didn't want to heat up the already hot house. Now we live much too close to a really great "take & bake" pizza place to even tempt us into making our own from scratch. O.k. I'm still tempted, but now... it's all about cooking it fast over the fire.

The thought of grilling pizza has always intrigued me, especially after we got to try some at a wine-tasting event a few summers back. It was charred and wonderful, and unlike any pizza we'd ever tasted. And yet, the "Grill Master" in our household remains resistant to the idea... of course, we all know what resistance is, don't we?*
*"Resistance is futile". I once downloaded a Trek (Next Gen) soundset for my computer and that ubiquitous Borg phrase was one of the alert sounds. I would intentionally make errors just so I could hear it tell me how futile my attempts at resistance were. And yes, I am a closet nerd in case you didn't know. Not so much of one as to name my goldfish Locutus or anything, but nerdy nonetheless. Live long and rock on!
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