Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mayo Cakes

Only one of my many cookbooks had a recipe for mayonnaise cake in it, and it wasn't chocolate. Odd really, since the 1950's and 60's are pretty well represented on my cookbook shelf. I just assumed that it was a 50's-era recipe since mayonnaise (and Jell-o, mini-marshmallows and cream-of-whatever soup) figured so prominently in recipes back then. The Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake must have originated even earlier. So until I can lay my hands on a Depression-era cookbook, I turn to the internet and of course find more Chocolate Mayonnaise Cakes than I could ever possibly wish for... not in a thousand lifetimes.

It seems everything old is new again: If for some unimaginable reason I am not in the mood for chocolate, or am just out of cocoa (but not mayonnaise and dates), I can always try this one...
  • Mayonnaise, Date Nut Cake from page 225 in the "Say, Ah-h-h-h!" Cookbook (1973)* 
*Just don't ask. At least I haven't brought out the "Favorite Recipes of Lutheran Ladies: Traditional Meats (including seafood and poultry) Cookbook", circa MCMLXVI. This is fair warning... I have it and I'm not afraid to use it.
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    1. Hi Stephanie,
      My husband's all-time favorite cake is a Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake that his mom used to make. It is fantastically moist and super easy to make, especially if you have a mixer.

    2. Laura: I figured that the mayo would make the cake really moist, it's great to know that it's easy as well. Wanna give me your recipe?! I much prefer to use "proven" recipes whenever I can. (and yes, I have a KA mixer and don't know what I do without it!)


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