Monday, May 31, 2010

Strawberries Sing Of Summer

I always have grand plans for making fabulous things with quantities of fresh plump juicy strawberries, but we usually just end up eating them over the sink. Well, that's what we do at first anyway. After the initial berry-binge, we want to put them in everything we make. Here are some ideas that look awfully good...
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  1. Okay. Here's a beauty tip for you. Strawberries are EXCELLENT teeth whiteners. The next time you stand over the sink eating them, run a couple across your teeth, really scrubbing them in there, and after a few times of doing it, you'll notice a distinct change in the whiteness.

    Also, I MUST try that soda ASAP. I'll let you know if it's weird or delicious or weirdly delicious.

  2. Leslie - Thanks for the beauty tip (I'm wondering what my dental hygienist sister would say to it)!

    That soda also intrigued me! It does seem like it could easily go either direction (weird/delicious). Definitely let me know if you try it!


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