Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Egg Bagels

Egg Bagels a la Sunset
Egg Bagels from Page 30-31 of the Sunset Cookbook Of Breads, 1975

My Notes (7/8/09): I wanted to try this recipe because it makes 32 bagels rather than just 12 like most other recipes. I didn't have "potato water" as called for in the recipe, so I dissolved 1 tsp of potato starch in 2 cups of water. Tried to use my Kitchen Aid mixer to do the kneading on this but I think it had a mild coronary. The dough was extremely stiff. Don't ask me how, but I managed to only make 16 bagels. Sixteen REALLY BIG bagels. (Well, the Hubs was complaining that we couldn't make decent Egg-A-Bagels* with the diminutive bagels I made before. He should be happy now... these things are monsters!) I think the problem is that I am excessively hungry right now, having missed lunch. Blood sugar is crashing. I think it affects my higher brain functions (like math). This could explain any poor grades I got in school: I was just hungry!

Anyhow, back to the gargantu-bagels. I did not do the rope-coil-attach method as called for in the recipe. I stuck to the poke-a-hole-in-the-middle-of-the-ball-of-dough method. I think it's easier. Next time make the egg wash with just one yolk and one tblsp of water. I ended up with lots left over and hate to have to waste it.

My Notes (7/15/09): After all was said and done (and after eating these for the past week), I can't say that I will make these again. They went together and baked up just fine and they certainly looked great, they just didn't taste great to me. They didn't taste bad, they just weren't wonderful. If you like egg bagels, then this recipe rocks. Otherwise, skip it and stick to the "regular" bagel recipes.

*Egg-A-Bagel:A homemade bagel sandwich consisting of: a split and toasted bagel with mayo and "fancy" mustard, a fried egg (whisked first with a touch of milk), a pinch of sea salt, black pepper and oregano, your choice of cheese, and any meat that is in the fridge (especially if it's pepperoni). The Hubs' specialty.
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