Monday, June 1, 2009

Kale Chips

kale chipsI'll admit it. I've never had kale before. This recipe (and all the others that I found) makes me want to try some. I'm a sucker for phrases like: "we didn't stop eating them until they were all gone... they were that good". Well, with that kind of statement thrown down, I just have to try it for myself. Besides, it's another way to get more veggies in my diet, and I like that they're crispy without actually having to fry them.

The original recipe that I found online (and know not where) was identical to this one (linked to below) with the added instruction to "flip halfway through the cooking time" and not to "overcook or allow them to become completely brown as they will taste bitter".

Notes (9/21/09): I finally got some kale! Only two leaves, but they are pretty big (and besides, if I don't like them I won't get stuck with a lot of waste). The two leaves cut-up with my kitchen shears) completely fill one baking sheet. I set the oven for 10 minutes, then took them out to flip them. I started to flip them in the oven with my long handled tongs, but the heat coming out was just too hot, and the tongs were overkill. Those sturdy leaves were already delicate and crispy so I just flipped them with my fingers (works fine as song as you don't touch the hot pan). I put them in for the last 5 minutes after flipping them.

They weren't brown at all, but they have a hint of bitterness to them. I also made the mistake of salting them again after I flipped them, so they were way too salty... oops. Hubs tried them and said: "huh, that's kale alright", "tastes burnt", "too salty", and "leaves an aftertaste. I knew I didn't like kale".

I thought the flavor was o.k., but next time I won't cook them as long (and won't salt them as much). They would taste great served alongside fish (perhaps because of the vinegar and sea salt?).
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